X-Vision Optics Introduces New Thermal Scope

X-Vision Optics Introduces New Thermal Scope

The new Thermal Scope by X-Vision Optics is made to please even the pickiest hunter. With its 400 x 300 uncooled infrared detector that can detect big game well past 2,000 yards and six different palettes to choose from, this thermal scope can really bring the “heat.” The X-Vision Thermal Scope is IP67 weatherproof rated with a durable chassis and a TS1 capable of withstanding any and all conditions. The thermal scope has a 2,600-yard high-performance detection range and a 1,100-yard recognition range with a high frame rate of 50hz, ensuring the images captured are sharp and tracking is smooth. The objective lens is 35mm in diameter with a field view of 10.7o x 8.0o and 2.3 to 9.2x magnification, all while weighing only 1.7lbs.

This thermal scope comes with ten reticle options and two reticle color options, capable of saving six sets of zeroing data for quick and easy mounting on multiple firearms. The multiplicity of the X-Vision Optic Thermal Scope doesn’t end there; capable of handling over 53ft/lb. of recoil, it can also be used both day and night with optional hotspot tracking by crosshair. Also included is a stadia-metric rangefinder with an interchangeable 18650 lithium-ion battery, external viewing capabilities, and picture-in-picture capabilities. Starting at just $4k, you can learn more about the entire line of X-Vision Optics products by visiting www.xvisionoptics.com

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photo courtesy of x-vision optics.

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