Wyoming Hunters Starting Younger

Wyoming Hunters Starting Younger

Wyoming appears to be investing in the deep-rooted traditions of hunting as they recently decreased the age restriction for youth hunters to be able to hunt big game. As per the state, hunters turning 12 by the end of the calendar year may purchase a license, meaning that 11-year-olds can now hunt big game. The change was originally proposed in June 2021 by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, who filed an emergency rule to modify Chapter 44 of the Wyoming licensing regulations to reduce the minimum age to purchase a big or trophy game license.  

Despite the fact that the emergency rule is set to expire over the next 120 days, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission appear set to finalize the rule officially in its November meeting. This is excellent news for the state and hunters alike, as this not only promotes youth participation in the sport, but promotes hunting education, firearm education and wildlife education as well.  

States with the strictest age requirements for hunting—usually around 12 or 10 years of age to hunt—tend to be found in the Northern and Western states. Both Illinois and Hawaii do not allow hunters under the age of 16 to hunt alone.  

Prior to the rule change in Wyoming, a hunter had to already be 12 to participate in a big game hunt. 

For a deeper dive into the details of this change, check out gohunt.com’s full article on the topic here.


Photo courtesy of Chad Schearer

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