Winchester Ammo Launches E-Tech So You Can Shoot and Not Pollute

Winchester Ammo Launches E-Tech So You Can Shoot and Not Pollute

It’s been an elephant in the room within the hunting industry for a while now, traditional ammo that’s made with plastics can lead to greater impact on the natural environment than any of us intended. While it’s responsible to pick up your shells and leave no trace, there are times when that’s not possible. Continuing their 157-year legacy of being on the cutting-edge of innovation in firearms, Winchester hopes to alleviate this with their new line of environmentally friendly E-tech Ammo.

E-Tech utilizes wads made from biopolymers that are certified as home compostable. Over time, these plant-based wads will degrade into natural elements. However, leaving less of an impact on your environment doesn’t mean sacrificing performance. Winchester ensured that the biopolymer wads were tested and engineered to match the performance of traditional plastic components, all while offering the same level of reliability and effectiveness. Offered in 12-gauge No. 7.5-lead shot and No. 6-steel shotshells, the Winchester E-Tech Ammo will be available soon at a retailer near you. Visit Winchester.com for more information. 

Photo courtesy of Winchester.

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