Why the Millennium Marine Spyderlok Pole Mount is a Must-Have for Anglers

Why the Millennium Marine Spyderlok Pole Mount is a Must-Have for Anglers

The Gen 2 R-100 Spyderlok pole mount and track system from Millennium Marine is the perfect solution for spider rigging, long-lining, and trolling. This innovative system is designed to securely hold your fishing pole in place, allowing you to focus on catching fish. Whether you're pulling crankbaits or trolling, the Spyderlok pole mount is the ultimate tool for serious anglers.

The sure-lock "teeth" of the Spyderlok ensures a tight-locking angle and easy pole adjustments, while the R-100 pole mount track system allows for secure mounting of up to 4-rod heads in any pattern desired. The height-adjustable crossbar can rotate 360 degrees, providing endless positioning possibilities. The low-profile mounting plate sits almost flush with the vessel's floor, and the system disassembles easily with just two knobs, making it easy to transport. Constructed of all-anodized aluminum, the Spyderlok pole mount system is perfect for both salt and freshwater applications. 


  • 20" crossbar easily accommodates 4-rod heads
  • Exclusive, height-adjustable crossbar from 12”-20”
  • Easy, two-knob removal
  • Smooth, easy pole angle adjustment
  • 360-degree rotational crossbar
  • Patented Spyderlok technology ensures secure, tight angles

The R-100 Spyderlok Gen 2 pole mount track system is the perfect solution for multiple rods, allowing anglers to access each pole quickly and easily while keeping lines separated and spaced for complete water coverage and more fish in the boat. Pick yours up from Millennium Marine for just $205.99.

Photo courtesy of Millennium Marine.

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