Upgrade Essential Gear with Ol’Man Climber Stands

Upgrade Essential Gear with Ol’Man Climber Stands

There are no better solutions to run and gun hunting stations than a lightweight, adjustable climbing stand and the OL’MAN Alumalite CTS and Multi-Vision stand make great choices for hunters who prioritizes agility and versatility.


This multifunctional, high-portable shooting platform also offers all day comfort. Coming standard with 21-inch wide ComforTech seating, and super-strong oval tubing and improved cable systems for efficient and silent set-up. Able to tackle any tree size thanks to the pivoting, spreading arms for secure attachment the AlumaLite CTS is designed to be lighter at 21 lbs. while offering plenty of standing space at 18x32 inches. The stand can be set up with the classic OL’MAN straight bar or the included reversible Gun Rest/Footrest to accommodate both gun and bow hunters. MSRP $339.99, you can buy it here.


True to its name, the Multi-Vision climbing stand is three treestands in one. Capable of being set up with the classic OL’MAN straight bar or reversible Gun Rest/Footrest. The Multi-Vision boasts one of the quietest climbing stands on the market, and is consistently an OL’MAN top-seller. The Multi-Vision seat comes in at 21-inches wide, and the overall stand weighs 29lbs. MSRP $219.99, you can buy it here.

Because treestand safety is a serious business, replacing OL’MAN cables is easy and inexpensive. The 46-inch replacement cables for the Alumalite CTS are always available for separate purchases and are compatible with 2013 and new stands. Multi-Vision Bar Cable pin replacements can be purchased in sets of two. Check out all of the OL’MAN parts and accessories by following this link

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