Two Must-Watch Videos for Hunting Camp Pendleton

Mike Rogers is a man of many hats and does all of them well. A hunter, father, service member in the U.S. military and Youtuber—which makes him an excellent source for tips and tricks when it comes to hunting on lands that utilize iSportsman services. Mike frequently hunts on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton near Oceanside, California, and has made quite a few great videos to help others get the most out of their Camp Pendleton outdoor experience. iSportsman rounded up his two most recent videos on the subject for you to check out before planning your hunt.

1. 5 Things Needed to Hunt Camp Pendleton (or any military compound)

First time hunting on Camp Pendleton? Or first time using iSportsman to hunt on a military installation? Mike walks you through everything you need to know to get started in this short, easy to understand video. Getting you in the field faster, Mike’s seasoned insight is a must-watch for fall season prep. You can watch the video here.

2. Should YOU Hunt on Camp Pendleton?

Still on the fence about making Camp Pendleton your next hunting destination? Mike breaks down the pros and cons of Camp Pendleton hunting. Learn all about what to expect and what to be on the lookout for, such as an influx of hikers and joggers, as well as various levels of hunting difficulty even with the camp’s many mature bucks. You can watch the video here.

Mike Rogers offers a number of hunting how-to videos and obviously enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others. Follow Mike on Youtube at TLO Mike Rogers or on Instagram at TLOMIKEROGERS

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