Turkey Calls: Master the Yelp to Succeed

Turkey Calls: Master the Yelp to Succeed

In iSportsman’s Master the Call Series, we’ll take a look at different wild turkey calls and discuss what the call is good for, when to use it and share with you from the web a good example of what it sounds like and how it to make the call. Today we'll be explaining what the yelp turkey call is, why it's used, and how to effectively use it when hunting turkey to be successful.

The Call: Yelp

How It Sounds: The yelp turkey call is delivered in a yawp, yawp, yawp sound and cadence generally consisting of three to five note sequences, though a turkey can make a single note yelp or can yelp a dozen times in a row when excited or agitated.

What It Means: The yelp is the most basic wild turkey call, vocalized mostly by hens, though jakes yelp too. Jake yelping is generally a bit deeper and drawn out sounding like a keyawk, keyawk vocalization. The yelp is the turkey’s way of saying, “Hey, I’m over here. Where are you?”

Hear the Yelp Here: Example of a yelp turkey call.

Try This: The best Primos turkey call is the Power Crystal Call. Of all the production and custom-made calls I’ve used hunting over the years, this inexpensive glass-surface pot call remains one of my favorites. The hard surface, once roughed, makes some of the purest turkey sounds I’ve ever heard. After nearly 20 years, and excellent for yelps, cutts and purrs, this Primos turkey call is still a best seller for the company. Do yourself a favor though and chunk the cheap striker that comes with the call and spend the extra dough on Primos’ Custom Striker 2-Pak, which comes with their flared-tip, laminated Cuttin’ Striker and their tapered-tip, laminated Kee-Kee Striker. Switch out both to make very different sounding yelps, such as kee-kees and other sounds. If you really want to make this call sing, use my favorite strikers; the bell-tip and laminated calls from Woodhaven, including their Strike 3 Striker. These calls give more rasp than any call I’ve used and will make an average slate or glass call sound like a custom job.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

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