ProLine Bait Fish Attractants

ProLine Bait Fish Attractants

Trusted camouflage provider TrueTimber has partnered with ProLine Baits to bring you a new line of ProLine Bait fish attractants series. The co-branding ProLine Bait series covers a variety of species including bass, trout, crappie and catfish. Utilizing super concentrated attractants, amino acids and scent enhancers, this multi-species lineup has undergone rigorous testing to ensure the included feed stimulants and taste enhancers will draw the fish to your line every time. 

Made in the U.S. in the Carolina', the ProLine Baits fish attractant series offers hand-crafted premier fishing flavors and scents. Visit ProLineBaits.com or Store.TrueTimber.com to get your ProLine Baits. 

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