Top Five Movies for Hunters to Watch During off Season

Top Five Movies for Hunters to Watch During off Season

Hunting is a wonderful hobby, but it can take a lot of energy to plan and execute a successful trip. Sometimes you might just feel like spending the weekend at home after a long work week, relaxing with your family. But maybe you still want to get that same outdoorsy feeling at home as you do when you’re out on the prowl. While nothing can truly compare to the exhilaration and joy that comes with being on a great hunt, these five films do a good job at giving you that same rugged, adventurous feeling.

1. "No Country for Old Men" (2007)

Based on a Cormac McCarthy novel and set in Texas in 1980, this film follows Vietnam war veteran Llewelyn Moss as he stumbles upon a drug deal gone bad during a desert pronghorn hunt (in a remarkable hunting sequence). Llewelyn goes from being the hunter to the hunted and what follows is an exciting tale of cat and mouse between our hero and his villain. Llewelyn uses all his hunting and wilderness survival skills to ward off his pursuer in a modern setting. “No Country for Old Men” captures the struggle of trying to survive in a radically changing world, and it beautifully depicts the deserts and wilderness of the American southwest. No Country for Old Men is currently streaming on Amazon Prime VideoHulu and HBO Max.

2. “Wind River” (2017)

Written and directed by Taylor Sheridan, famous for being the writer/creator of “Yellowstone” and its spinoffs, this film takes place in present day around the Wyoming Wind River Indian Reservation. It’s a neo-western like “No Country for Old Men” and is about U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agent Cory Lambert as he assists the FBI in investigating a possible homicide. Featuring some great hunting and tracking sequences, the movie spotlights the society of a small town and the wilderness that surrounds them in a way few movies do. If you ever wanted to see how cold Wyoming looks in the winter, look no further. “Wind River” is currently available to stream on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

3. “The Revenant” (2015)

The ultimate wilderness survival movie, this is based on the true-life story of Hugh Glass as he is mauled by a bear while hunting and subsequently left for dead by his party. Glass defies the odds, surviving the ordeal, but now he must find his way back to his camp all on his own. “The Revenant” illustrates the days back when the wilderness was truly wild and epitomizes the struggle of man vs. nature. While an intense movie to be sure, this one might inspire you to want to tackle the outdoors like a true American frontiersman, with nothing but your wits and strength to survive with. Watch “The Revenant” now on Amazon Prime Video.

4. “True Grit” (2010)

This movie tells the story of a young teenage girl who hires a grizzly old Deputy U.S. Marshal to hunt down her father’s killer to bring him to justice. As luck would have it, the outlaw has escaped into the wild west Indian territory. The film takes the characters from the deserts of the southwest all through the frigid Rocky Mountains in one of the most beautiful films featuring the American outdoors. It’s a great mix of humor, drama, and action, all while giving you the feeling of camping out in the wilderness on an adventure. “True Grit” is available for streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

5. “Dances with Wolves” (1990)

This movie is a classic tale of Civil War soldier Lt. Dunbar, who grows weary of combat and moves to the outskirts of civilization in the Great Plains to reconnect with nature. Along the way he befriends a local Lakota Sioux tribe who teaches him their ways, including how to hunt and appreciate buffalo. The film shows the slow transformation of a normal soldier into a true frontiersman during the last days of the untamed west. It’s great at teaching respect for animals you hunt: Dunbar sees the majestic wonder of the buffalo while participating in the hunt necessary for the Sioux to survive, and he understands their gratitude toward the creatures. “Dances with Wolves” is ready to watch on HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu

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