Top 5 Hunting Stands of 2021

Top 5 Hunting Stands of 2021

For many Eastern and Midwestern deer hunters, deer stands are almost as essential as their bow or gun. And with deer season coming before you know it, now is the opportune time to begin searching for one (or several) that will provide a reliable, sturdy perch. Here are some top options to match virtually any style of hunting or setup. 

5. Summit Stands- Summit Goliath  

There is nothing the Summit Goliath can’t handle, and handling this stand is super easy. Weighing only 21 poundsand boasting a capacity of 350 pounds, the Goliath model is leading the industry for climbing stands. This stand’s spotlight feature is that it was designed for hunters with a larger frame. So what does this mean? It means that if you’re a big, beefy boy like Luke Combs, then here is a dlimber with extra room and support for worry-free and comfortable sitting all day. So what if you’re a smaller hunter? It doesn’t matter. This stand is one of the most comfortable and sturdy stands around. In fact, several hunters I’ve asked feel safer in their Summit than they do a conventional ladder stand.  

Of course, the Summit Goliath’s top-tier features go beyond just extra room. The stand features the same comfort-engineering technology as the Summit Viper (one of the best-selling climbing stands of all time), but also includes sound suppression, cable retention and structural enhancement technology–as well as RapidClimb climbing stirrups. No matter the occasion, season, or size, the Summit Goliath is a must-have when it comes to owning a good climbing stand. (MSRP $390; summitstands.com

4. Millennium L205 18ft Double Ladder Stand

For the hunter who never wants to hunt alone, or prefers extra space when he does, the Millennium L205 18ft Double Ladder Stand is the perfect fit for you (and your kid or friend). This ladder stand comes with an anti-flex bridge support system for maximum stability, while also providing folding footrests, padded arm rests and an adjustable padded shooting rail.  

All of Millennium’s tree stands come with a 35-foot Safelink Safety line for safe maneuvering up and down the stand when falls are most likely to occur. The Double Ladder Stand also comes with a maximum weight of 500 pounds, a powder coat finish and seats equipped with durable mildew and UV–resistant waterproof polytec fabric. (MSRP $310; millennium-outdoors.com

3. Assault Hunt Ready System

When it comes to hang-on stands, many hunters end up saying to themselves, “Hang on, which seat should I get with which sticks with which accessories?” Well, Lone Wolf’s Assault Hunt Ready System grants peace of mind by offering an inclusive bundle for the hang-on hunter. Not only does the Hunt Ready System offer all of the same guarantees as their individual products, but Lone Wolf also offers a $40 discount when you buy the bundle. The bundle includes their signature Assault Hang-on Treestand, which comes with a self-leveling seat and platform, is compatible with the E-Z Hang Hook accessory and allows users to preset multiple stand locations for simple and secure hanging.  

The bundle also includes their climbing sticks and stick quiver. Silent and durable, Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks were designed specifically for use with their hang-on stand, with reversible steps for added convenience. The stick quiver is the cherry on top, which carries up to four climbing sticks and seamlessly attaches to your Lone Wolf Treestand. (MSRP $460; lonewolfhuntingproducts.com


It may seem like this product was designed for Big Foot, but we assure you it was designed with the serious hunter in mind. The RE556 Big Foot Teartuff XL Lounger Hang-On stand comes with the unique feature of an elongated footrest and flip-up seat for enhanced, stand-up shooting. This hang-on stand also comes with ultra-silent straps for a quick and noiseless setup. It’s a simple, versatile hunting stand for just about every type of hunter–especially for the economical hunter. (MSRP $130; huntriversedge.com

1. Muddy’s The Nexus

Muddy’s two-man hunting stand is built on the idea of comfortable, flexible hunting. Muddy prides itself on being one of the most practical outdoor retailers on the market. Each of their products is built to last and is reliably sturdy. Not only do you get all of the practical benefits of a quality hunting stand, you also get a host of specialty features. Every major component of the Nexus–the padded shooting rail, the extra-large seats, the built-in footrest–all have the capability of flipping back, giving a hunter or hunters (this is a two-man stand) sufficient room for making that perfect shot. (MSRP $320; shop.gomuddy.com

Having all of the best hunting gear won’t make you the best hunter, but it certainly won’t hurt. Check out our other recommendations at facebook.com/theisportsman.

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