Top 3 Reasons Why we Love Tarnen Camo from Huntworth for All Season Hunting

Top 3 Reasons Why we Love Tarnen Camo from Huntworth for All Season Hunting

Recently, iSportsman sponsored YouTuber and active-duty service member Mike Rogers on a late season mule deer hunt in Arizona. We partnered with Huntworth as a clothing sponsor to ensure Mike had all the essentials for this desert challenge.

It was decided that Tarnen would be the best camo pattern for this type of hunt, and we couldn’t agree more! Here are our top 3 reasons why we love the versatility and performance of Huntworth’s Tarnen camo.

1. All Terrain Coverage

Specifically for the rocky hills and plains of Arizona, the distortion blend of the Tarnen camo pattern was an obvious choice. Designed to keep you concealed in desert plains, forested evergreens, and so much more, we knew Tarnen would provide Mike the coverage he needed to go out and get the job done right.

2. All Season Versatility

The avid outdoorsmen finds themselves outside for more than just peak rut, and a camo blend that works for year-round scouting and harvesting ventures is a major perk. The Tarnen line from Huntworth has multiple, versatile, options for all seasons. From the Matterhorn Heat Boost Heavyweight, Waterproof lined Hunting Bid, to the Winsted Lightweight, waterproof Tricot Hunting Rain Jacket, Tarnen from Huntworth has you covered for rain, snow, heat and cold.

3. A Trailblazer in Camo Design

Huntworth took a new approach in designing Tarnen, blending computer generated graphics with shapes found in nature. Huntworth camo is always pushing the envelope in the development of new camo patterns, with Tarnen succeeding other ingenious blends such as Disruption, Hidd’n and Snow patterns. Combine this with Huntworth’s legacy of being affordable and comfortable for both active and casual wear, and Tarnen is another notch in Huntworth’s line of quality hunting products.

Photo courtesy of Mike Rogers.

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