Convergent Overseer Predator Pro Pack: Let them Know You Mean Business

Convergent Overseer Predator Pro Pack: Let them Know You Mean Business

Coyotes and similar predators wreak havoc among species such as deer and turkeys. So, whether you hunt them to help keep nature in balance or just love the fun and excitement of predator hunting, the Predator Pro Pack is designed to be the perfect solution to bring them in close. Suitable for new-to-the-game or experienced varminters, the Predator Pro Pack is a trio of calls made to attract coyotes, foxes and even bobcats by mimicking the sounds of wounded or distressed animals.  

Relied upon by professional hunters and offering a wide range of sounds from a high-pitched bird to distressed-jackrabbit sounds, the Overseer Open Reed Predator Call is an easy-to-use, mouth-blown call designed by veteran predator hunters, Kerry Carver and Byron South. The call also imitates coyote howls while resisting reed freeze. This call’s thin Mylar reed allows for a wide range of sound, and the design helps hunters seamlessly transition from a low to high pitch.  

Also included is the Predator Bite Call, which provides a wide range of distressed-animal sounds thanks to its rubber mouthpiece design. Hunters can bite on the mouthpiece to change the tone of their calls. Rounding out the pack is the Overseer Closed Reed Cotton Tail Call, which allows for easy calling, requiring no lip position or bite pressure for effectiveness, while offering a stainless-steel reed to last you a lifetime. ($35; https://convergenthunting.com

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