The Pre and the Post of Food Plot Management

The Pre and the Post of Food Plot Management

The National Deer Association (NDA) recently shared in their recent blog post pre and post care routines for top maintaining top-quality food plots. Managing your wildlife openings can be costly and time consuming, and with as much time and dedication as many hunters put into managing their food plots, preventing weed infestation is a necessity. According to the NDA, disking and mowing isn’t quite enough—chemical weed control is the “big guns” of food plot success.

The NDA gives you the rundown on everything you need to know about pre-plant incorporated weed control, which remains activated in the soil before weeds even emerge, as well as post-emergence control, which can be avoided with the correct pre-plant incorporation, but is still useful to have in your food plot management repertoire. Finally, NDA walks you through crop-rotation restrictions—having a minimum time period between when the herbicide is used and when the next crop can be safely planted in the same field.

Planting spring food plots is one of the many ways to ensure a healthy fall harvest that also keeps the game you have your eye on close to your property and obtaining maximum nutrition.

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Read more on Deer Association here.

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