The Future of Trail Cameras

The Future of Trail Cameras

Stealth Cam, a leader in manufacturing trail cameras, has recently launched their brand-new Command Pro App for 2021. This seamless integration brings trail views and fields directly to your smartphone making traditional struggles a thing of the past. 

This app raises the bar in remote scouting when compared to other outdoor apps and with an easy-to-use interface and clean-looking server, this app is sure to change the game. Stealth Cam has integrated industry-leading technologies to guarantee high performance and incredible reliability. 

The app is compatible with all of Stealth Cam’s 2021 camera models, including the DS4KTM, the REACTOR, the FUSION X, the MORPH, the MERGE, the MANIFEST 2.0, the RELAY and the TRAIL-TEK. Compatibility with past models has not been confirmed, but will most likely be included in future updates of the app should the company decide it a necessary inclusion. 

The Command Pro App comes with a number of unique features such as a night colorization, giving color to black and white images on command through an artificial intelligence system, or the tagging options and filters, making it easier to recall individual animals to identify patterns, times, and conditions in the field. 

New features also include a global gallery, connecting users across the planet under a single gallery which are then stored in order by date and time. This allows users to see territory-wide views in a single location. The app also offers a new video mode with a 3-frame preview of the recorded video prior to downloading, saving time and space. 

For users who are already Stealth Cam Command users, the app and cameras will continue to work, with the new features accessible in the app store for both Apple and Google. The advanced technology of this cellular camera gives users an advantage in the field with high-definition images and videos. Built for performance, the Stealth Cam Command Pro App will get the job done. Read more here.

Photo courtesy of Liliane Caliste-Landias.

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