Test Drive the Ultimate Tool for Hunt Clubs and Outfitters for Free

Test Drive the Ultimate Tool for Hunt Clubs and Outfitters for Free


For immediate release June 16, 2022

Test Drive the Ultimate Tool for hunt Clubs and Outfitters for Free

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. — While there are a lot of apps available to help hunters identify land boundaries, view land features and collect data, now there is one made expressly to help hunt clubs, landowners and even outfitters better manage their land. iSportsman ARX is the first complete digital solution that allows club members, day hunters and clients to quickly and easily check in and out of hunting stands or areas and record their observations and harvests. That data is then automatically compiled and viewable by club managers, landowners and outfitters to help them better manage the hunting opportunities on their properties. And now, as part of a limited-time introductory offer, they can test iSportsman ARX for one month free

In addition to providing simple check-in and out accessibility and easily collect harvest and observation data, iSportsman ARX allows clubs, outfitters and land managers to easily track finances, promote opportunities to other ARX users (for no additional cost) and even review charts displaying hunting pressure and activity across properties.

iSportsman ARX provides the ability to view real-time land occupancy to see where other hunters are for maximum safety as well as the opportunity to avoid crowded areas. The app collects weather data and correlates it to the hunter’s observational and harvest records to determine the best conditions for future hunts. Hunters can also set up cell-enabled trail cameras and have images sent to their account for their private viewing and to aid scouting.

Clubs or outfitters can do the same thing and share the images with whomever they allow.

“We decided to offer the first month of iSportsman ARX for free so that anyone interested receives a hands-on experience of what iSportsman ARX is capable of,” says Aneil Kumar, iSportsman CEO. “From data collection, increased situational awareness, enhanced safety value and streamlined administrative tasks—iSportsman ARX promises to change the way those who love the outdoors experience it.”

To learn more about iSportsman ARX and to register for your free month trial, visit isportsmanarx.com.

About iSportsman: iSportsmanTM is the leading recreational program management tool in the nation, serving the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corp, Army National Guard, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks. Visit iSportsman.com for more information.

Media contact: Victoria Tillinghast | [email protected]

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