Stay Comfortable on the Hunt With Millennium’s M150 Monster Treestand

Stay Comfortable on the Hunt With Millennium’s M150 Monster Treestand

Serious hunters are already running with the big dogs, and demand a treestand that will measure up to their stature and hunting potential. The Millennium Treestand M150 Monster offers to do just that, as a working-horse hang-on stand rated to safely and securely support 300lbs.

Best used on a straight, thick tree positioned over a deer feeding area—but able to accommodate a 15” lean, the M150 is easily adjustable for slight variations with a fast and quite set-up. Because comfort matters, the M150 comes with the patented ComfortMAX seat with full backrest and side supports.

The ComfortMAX seat is a 20-in wide, 17-in. deep sling seat adjustable from a height of 16-in. to 20-in. above the platform. Gun and crossbow hunters are able to move to a standing position, quietly raise the seat to a folded position, and enjoy the 24-in wide, 37-in. deep aluminum platform.

With M150 Monster weighing in at just 19.5 lbs., it easily folds for backpacking and is even easier to carry on long treks. And because treestand safety is important, the M150 comes with a full body harness and the SafeLink System, 35 ft. of rope with a prusik knot, and a carabiner for controlled, safe ascent and descent. With an MSRP of $318, you can buy it here.  

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