Saltwater Success Perfected by the Sphero SW Combo

When paired with high-quality graphite rods, the all-new Spheros SW Combo delivers remarkable balance and durability to a broad range of anglers and fishing styles. Now available in four well-balanced models suitable for variety of different species, with every Spheros SW Combo coming with a Spheros SW A Reel.

First introduced in 2021 and fortified with Shimano’s exclusive cold-forged HAGANE Gear, the SW A Reel offers anglers long-lasting smoothness and unwavering durability. The HAGANE Body technology enhances rigidity and eliminates flexing to provide more cranking power. Improved Infinity Drive and X-Ship technology improves torque under load and increases overall power transmission. Great for live lining baitfish while casting for striped bass, snook and tarpon, casting plugs and poppers to reel in crevalle, and even cobia and blacking tuna. The SW A features X-Protect and X-Shield technologies sealing the structure and gaskets at 12 critical locations to keep water and sand from disrupting internal components. X-Protect also helps against water seeping into the drive gear shaft and spool shaft bearing. Shimano leverages sealed bearings to eliminate the possibility of salt or sand inhibiting the bearing’s rotation.

The Spheros SW 5000 combo paired with the Spheros SW A reel allows for 245 yards of 20-pound PowerPro with a 7-foot, Medium Heavy power, Fast Action Rod. Other combs include the Spheros SW 6000, which unites a larger capacity, lower gear ratio reel with the same versatile rod. Two different combos pair with a 8000-series Spheros SW A reel, the one-piece 7-foot, Heavy power, Fast action rod and the two-piece, 9-foot, Heavy power, Fast action rod. MSRP $199.99 to $209.99, you can buy them here.

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