Ready to improve your Turkey Hunt? Try the Nomad Leafy Pull over and Zip pant

As most turkey hunters know, a successful hunt is dependent largely on stealthy movement and realistic concealment. Designed for run-and-gun turkey hunting, the Nomad Leafy ¼ Zip pullover and Leafy Pants offer the lightweight coverage needed for those spring hunts.

Featuring 3D leafy fabric in ultra-realistic Mossy Oak Shadow Leaf on both sides for superior concealment, the Nomad Leafy ¼ Zip pullover is deadly effective at leaving hunters virtually invisible in the woods. The pullover features wicking moisture technology to push moisture away from the body along with 4-way stretch construction perfect for sneaking up on a tom. With an adjustable hood and zip front for custom venting and a zip dump pouch for quick access to gear such as calls, the ¼ zip pullover is a great option for fast-paced action.

The pants also utilize 3D leafy fabric, with an Ever-Adjust waistband and button closure for comfort. The breathable and lightweight design is equipped with cargo pockets for additional gear storage and the Mossy Oak Shadow Leaf camo keeps you unseen when you need it the most.

Both the ¼ zip pullover and pants start at $100. For more information, visit www.nomadoutdoor.com

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