Preseason Prep Series Part 3: Create Buck Structure

Preseason Prep Series Part 3: Create Buck Structure

Want to create a deer magnet in the middle of an otherwise unbroken forest? Well, before we go any further, we have to stress this is a private land strategy only. Do not every do this on publicly owned land and if you don’t actually own the land, then you’re going to need to get the landowner’s permission first.

No-till seed blends like Boss Buck’s Boss Blend is a great choice for remote food plots.oss Buck

If your property passes that test, then look at getting together with a few friends one weekend, grab your chainsaws, and go in and clear out an open area in the middle of the woods. It doesn’t have to be big—40 to 60 yards wide and maybe a little longer. Again, if you don’t own the land, be sure you get the landowners permission as to many of them, those trees equal money if they ever plan to cut the timber. And definitely never, ever attempt this on public land. But by doing this, you will not only create an immediate bedding area with the felled trees, but whitetails will feed on the now accessible leaves. Sunlight will also reach the ground in this spot, spawning new growth each summer and providing natural browse in a mature stand of timber otherwise devoid of it. Using no-till seed mixes such as Evolved Habitat Throw & Gro, Boss Buck’s Boss Blend No-Till Seed Blend or Whitetail Institute’s Imperial No-Plow Seed Blend are great for these new sunny areas.

More immediately, the new cover of fresh fallen tree tops provides a great spot for a buck to lay up during the rut and keep tabs of does as they pass through the area. Hang a stand nearby and you’ll be set come this November.

Lead photo courtesy of The Confluence Group/Andrew Klatt; seed photo by Doug Howlett.

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