Nose Jammer Launches New Silent Series

Nose Jammer Launches New Silent Series

Nose Jammer’s Silent Series has widened its range with the introduction of the new Silent Pump Spray, time released-formulated rub-on stick and 28-gram Dust for wind detection and protection. Hailing from the same extensive product lineup that includes soap, deodorant, laundry detergent, wipes and the Rub on Wax Stick in addition to field spay; Nose Jammer continues to help hunters boost it up a notch. Ensuring more tags by preventing whitetails and other big game from catching human scent.

The new Nose Jammer Silent Series pack includes a 4-ounce Silence Pump Spray, 2-ounce Rub-on Wax Stick with time release formula and a 28-gram Dust for wind detection all in one convenient package for on-the-go scent negation. Their next level olfactory-jamming technology used in their products are created by combining elements naturally found in the woods, mountains and other areas where big games are pursued. This series is a must have for your last-minute deer hunting excursions, shed hunts and future big game dream hunts. Visit www.nosejammer.com to learn more about the new Silent Series and all the other great products brought to you by Nose Jammer. 

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