Must have tools: Wicked Tree Gear

Must have tools: Wicked Tree Gear

From machete, to hand saw or bone saw, don’t let any aspect of your land management arsenal fall short this season with Wicked Tree Gear. The newest addition to the Outdoor Product Innovations family, Wicked Tree Gear continues to lead the industry in blade quality with the Wicked Tough Machete, the newest product in the line. Carefully forged from carbon steel, the blade is perfectly balanced and angled to cut through any tree or branch in your path. Included in the Wicked Tough line-up are the Wicked Tough Hand Saw and Wicked Touch Bone Saw, which both boast a cast aluminum handle and hardened locking hardware in addition to the Wicked quality carbon steel blade. Need to clear an area for your tree stand? The Wicked Tough Pole Saw and the Ultralight series redefine portability while still offering a 15-foot reach. Visit www.WickedTreeGear.com to check out the entire product line and find the blade most suited for your hunting and scouting needs.  

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