Moultrie Mobile Auto Connect Technology is the Cellular Trail Camera Solution You’ve Been Searching For

Moultrie Mobile Auto Connect Technology is the Cellular Trail Camera Solution You’ve Been Searching For

Nothing is more frustrating than finding a trail camera that fits all your needs and then seeing in the product description that it only pairs with a certain service. Moultrie’s new Edge Cellular Trail Camera seeks to amend that by offering auto-connect technology. The Edge scans for and automatically connects to the strongest network available from several major U.S. cellular carriers with a single SIM camera. A new custom antenna also improves connectivity and easily folds away for storage.

Other new features included a first-in-the-industry internal memory system, which improves reliability by eliminating complications associated with SD cards. This cutting-edge trail camera improvement will save you time and money by not having to purchase SD cards for each camera.

“We set out to design the most user-friendly cellular camera ever built,” said Daniel Wilson, General Manager for Moultrie Mobile. “We accomplished this by integrating user feedback and new technology to rethink the entire user experience. The result is a camera that’s packed with innovative features that make it the easiest cellular camera to set up and use.”

These features include a user-friendly interface with an on/off switch and single button press to capture test images. The Edge also boasts flexible power options, operating at either an 8 or 16 AA configuration (alkaline or lithium) or external power accessories. It will also be compatible with the upcoming all-new solar panel and rechargeable battery packs from Moultrie Mobile.

Beyond upgraded design, the Edge brings you the same quality image capture you’ve come to expect from Moultrie. With an expanded 40-degree field of view and enhanced trigger for greater accuracy out to 80 feet. Images are rendered in 33MP and video 720p with full audio. Most importantly, with an MSRP of $99,99 this ground-breaking new trail camera is also extremely affordable. Visit www.MoultrieMobile.com for more information. 

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