Moultrie Launches New Summit Ranch Series of Feeders

Moultrie Launches New Summit Ranch Series of Feeders

Moultrie breaks new ground in feeding and land management with the launch of their new Ranch Series Feeders. These feeders are very durable, and offer hunters, farmers, and ranchers great flexibility when making sure animals receive the proper nutrition amounts at the right time. All of these feeders and kits offer high quality and versatile feeding options for all kinds of animals, making it easier to give them the food they need when they need it.

Ranch Series Auger Feeder and Kit

This feeder was designed for hobby farmers but can be used in many different situations. It has a powerful 12V gear motor that operates the heavy-duty stainless steel auger shaft, which dispenses feed through a galvanized steel pipe. The Auger Feeder starts at $599.99.

Ranch Series Broadcast Feeder and Kit

The Ranch Series Broadcast Feeder is designed for deer hunters who don’t want to worry about varmints accessing the feed, but it’s also great for scheduling the food of ground-fed animals. Every Broadcast Feeder comes standard with a Moultrie Ranch Series Varmint Guard, helping to keep pests away from the spin plate. The Broadcast Feeder starts at $549.99.

Ranch Series Gravity Feeder

The Ranch Series Gravity Feeder is the simplest solution to feeding deer without any disruptive noises, timers, or batteries. Easy to set up and maintain, this feeder will ensure that deer always have access to feed through its four ports at optimal deer height. The Ranch Series Gravity Feeder starts at $499.99.

Varmint Guard II

The Varmint Guard II is the upgraded version of Moultrie’s Varmint Guard. It is designed with a hexagonal pattern to prevent varmints and other small critters from sneaking in, stealing feed and damaging equipment. It is incredibly easy to install and use, allowing users to access the feed without having to remove the Varmint Guard II.

You can learn more about any of Moultrie’s Ranch Series Feeders and pick out your favorite today.

Photo courtesy of Moultrie.

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