iSportsmanX: Xperience the Outdoors

iSportsmanX: Xperience the Outdoors

iSportsman has been helping veterans, service members and their families get outdoors since 2009. Now iSportsman aims to bring that same great service to those enjoying all the outdoors has to offer, both on and off base. iSportsman wants to be the go-to outdoor recreational service platform for veterans, service members and their families no matter where they are. iSportsmanX, an upcoming release from iSportsman, was heavily inspired by the nomadic lifestyle and situation of service members.

iSportsman knows one of the many sacrifices service members make is never being able to stay in one place for long. Every couple years, service members and their families find themselves at a new post, in a new state, separated from their social circles and favorite outdoor spots. With iSportsmanX, iSportsman hopes to reconnect you with the activities you love, while finding common ground with likeminded individuals.

As a powerful outdoor activity search optimization tool, iSportsmanX allows users to find recreational outings around their current location and wherever they may travel. Best of all, iSportsmanX has access to third-party outdoor opportunities, not just iSportsman managed locations and activities. For hunting, fishing, ATV riding, camping, horseback riding and more, iSportsmanX can help you find what you’re looking for.

A soft launch for iSportsmanX is anticipated by the middle of December 2022, with a hard launch forecasted for the beginning of 2023. iSportsmanX will be free and ready to use for any interested participant. In fact, iSportsman is looking for beta testers to make sure the service provides you with the activities you’re looking for. Sign up by following this link to become a beta tester, provide any feedback, and receive an email notification when iSportsmanX goes live.

iSportsman knows that wherever you find yourself, the outdoors is always there to be enjoyed. With iSportsmanX, you can Xperience the outdoors you’re looking for.

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