How to Get the Perfect Venison Burger this Summer

How to Get the Perfect Venison Burger this Summer

Sure, music is great and all, but have you heard the sound of a freshly ground venison patty sizzling over the flames of a summer grill? It's music to the ears and a party on the tongue—or at least it is if you know how to grill it right. 

The first step to elevating your venison burger game is to use freshly ground meat—so this will take some preparation in advance with your game processor or if you are a do-it-yourselfer, making the time to simply grinding your own venison. One of the key advantages to freshly ground venison over frozen/processed meat is that freshly ground venison tends to be juicer and more flavorful, largely because freezers can sap moisture out of meat over time causing it to dry out even before cooking. 

Once you’ve got the meat, the next step is to form it. It may seem like the obvious route is to use a meat presser, but the traditional method of using your hands has its own advantages, the chief of which is that you can mold the edges of the patty to prevent the juices from flowing out of the cracks. 

For the cooking technique, meat blend ratio and key seasonings to use, check out the full article at Outdoor Life here

Photo courtesy of Louis Hansel.

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