Happy Birthday US Army

Happy Birthday US Army

Happy 246th birthday to the United States Army! iSportsman has worked closely with the U.S. Army, providing the online service used to manage hunting and fishing programs at many bases for more than 10 years. From Fort Bragg to Fort Hunter Liggett, iSportsman is an online tool used by some of the best natural resources professionals in the world. It is currently being used at 26 Army installations across the United States to deliver outdoor recreation to America’s warfighters and civilians alike. 

For 246 years, the U.S. Army has been the stalwart protector of the American people and their land. The U.S. Army possesses millions of acres of undeveloped wildlands, and has actively worked to prevent the extinction of a number of species. In 1960, the Army was tasked with upholding the Sikes Act, a piece of legislation that promotes healthy and sustainable natural resource management. At iSportsman, it is one of our chief goals to assist federal installations to meet the requirements of the Sikes Act in the most efficient manner.  

In an effort to both improve efficiency and reduce operating costs, the Army is utilizing technology like iSportsman to improve the service delivery of its outdoor recreational programs. 

By using iSportsman to lessen the typical administrative workload,, installation biologists and game wardens have more time to focus on additional efforts to further improve their base’s natural resources management. With the hard work put in by these natural resource professionals on behalf of the U.S. Army, our nation’s soldiers will not only be the best prepared in part because of the varied training areas they have to prepare in, but millions of our nation’s wild acres will continue to remain healthy and wild for the many plant and animal species that live there. 


Image courtesy of Brett Sayles

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