Get more out of the outdoors with the ALPS Breeze Rocker

Get more out of the outdoors with the ALPS Breeze Rocker

It’s important to remember the best part of the outdoors is the opportunity to sit back and take it all in. Hunting is hard work, from scouting your area, waiting for a chance, and hauling your game out of the field hunters spend a lot of time hiking, crouching, crawling, and carrying harvest, gear, and firearms. So, when it's time to take a load off, do it in style with the ALPS Mountaineering Breeze Rocker; perfect for relaxation, exploration, trekking, and family camping. This deluxe rocking chair is designed for maximum support and comfort to keep you going all season long. Made with TechMesh technology, the Breeze Rocker is made to drain water quickly and dry faster meaning inclement weather won't get in the way of your relaxation. The TechMesh technology allows for airflow on hot, humid days, ensuring a comfortable sit in even the harshest conditions. The ruggedized Pro-Tec powder-coated steel frame makes the Breeze Rocker perfect for setting up by the fire or leaving on the front porch for the summer. Weighing 15 pounds, it can be easily folded and transported to bring comfort with you wherever you go. Starting at $249.99, you can visit www.alpsmountaineering.com for more information. 

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