Gamakatsu Has You Covered with New Fishing Gear

Gamakatsu just released a new series of extra wide-mouth tackle bags in various sizes for all anglers' needs. The G-bag EWM 100 Tackle Bag, which is scoped at 8x4x6 inches, the G-bag EWM 200 coming in at 9.5x5x7 inches and the G-Bag EWM 300 which is a hefty 13x 8.5 x11 inches. All bags in the G-Bag EWM series feature water-resistant construction, an internal wire frame to keep the main compartment open when necessary and extra wide mouth (EWM) openings for easy access.

And to fill your new G-Bag, Gamakatsu is also introducing two new hooks: the Kraken Circle Monster and the Kraken Outbarb Circle. Both are designed for using large chunks of bait to tackle both freshwater and saltwater fish and are built with premium grade high carbon steel.

And when you’re out on the water changing or replacing split rings, the 9-inch Gamakatsu pliers can be an efficient addition to your set up. Similar to the 6- and 7- in pliers, Gamakatsu’s 9-inch pliers have an added 45-degree angle to make every task easier. The pliers also have precise crimping jaws to fit various sizes of sleeves, and a multi-tasking jaw that utilizes an outside cutter to braid, mono or fluorocarbon. Coming standard with a black nylon sheath, these pliers will fit perfectly into any G-Bag of your choice. Check out www.Gamakatsu.com to get your hands on these great new products and find something for all of your fishing needs. 

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