Frog Gigging For Beginners

Frog Gigging For Beginners

If you’re looking for a fun new way to experience the outdoors during the offseason, try your hand at frog gigging. Frog gigging may sound like a bunch of frogs going on a concert tour if you’ve never heard of it before, but it’s just another way of saying “frog hunting.” The name comes from the act of hunting frogs, fish, and other small game with a gig, which is a multipronged spear with barbs at the ends. Most people have tried to stab a fish in a river when they were a kid, but don’t seriously try it once they get older. Frog gigging is great because it’s simple, easy, and most importantly, fun. In this guide, we’ll detail more about frog gigging and provide some useful tips for anyone interested in trying out this enjoyable pastime. 

The Art of Frog Gigging

When frog gigging, you’ll mostly go out at night, and all you really need is a flashlight and your gig. The light is useful for spotting the frogs of course, but that’s not all: They also help stun the animals and prevent them from seeing you when you go in for the strike. As for the gig you’ll use, you’ll want to pick one with at least 2 barbed prongs, and preferably more (at least for beginners). This is because more prongs give your gig a wider spread, making it easier to aim and leaving more room for error. 

You’ll also need to pick a good spot to go gigging for frogs too. You obviously need to hunt where the frogs’ habitat is, which means spending a lot of time in wetlands, marshes, ponds and slow-moving bodies of water. The best places to go frog gigging are in Southern states, like Florida, Louisiana, and Texas, which all offer ideal environments for frog species like bullfrogs and green tree frogs. 

Once you have your flashlight and gig ready to go and have picked out the perfect spot, you’re ready to start gigging. Head out in the night to your location of choice, scan for frogs using your light and, once you stun them, swiftly strike with your gig. While you might think that the most difficult part of the process will be the actual moment of impact, the true challenge is in spotting the camouflaged frogs hiding under cover of darkness. Once you’re successful, you can bring home your bounty and enjoy some delicious deep-fried or sautéed. Check out the tips below to improve your chances at tasting this delectable treat. 

Tips For Frog Gigging 

Safety First

Prioritize safety when frog gigging. You’ll be out in the dark navigating relatively unstable wet terrain, so make sure you wear appropriate clothing and footwear, bring a reliable light source and be wary of water hazards. Always let someone know your gigging plans in case of emergencies. 

Optimal Timing

Make sure you go frog gigging at night when the creatures are most active. They love warm weather so late spring and summer are the best times of the year to go. 

Locating and Approaching Frogs

When listening for a frog, pay attention to the croaking sound that are the male frogs’ mating call. Once you determine their rough position, scan the area with your flashlight, looking for the reflective glare of the light bouncing off their eyes. Then, approach them slowly and quietly until you are in striking range. 

Gigging the Frog

Now’s the time to strike! Raise your gig, aim for the base of the frog’s head to ensure a clean catch, and thrust. Quickly transfer the frog to a gigging bag or cooler so you can bring them home for dinner. 

Frog gigging is a great way to enjoy the outdoors during the summer months—there’s nothing else like spending a warm night with some friends navigating the wetlands in search of this elusive prey. You might not succeed the first time, but with these tips you’ll be catching the most delicious frogs in no time at all. Happy frog gigging from iSportsman. 

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