Code Blue Rope-A-Dope and Screamin' Heat perfect for attracting deer

Code Blue has new long-lasting attractant products to help promote active scrapes and prolonged scent in any weather condition; the Rope-A-Dope bundle and the Screamin’ Heat Stick. The Rope-A-Dope bundle includes a weather-resistant rope along with the already popular Back Rub pre-orbital gel for your scrape or licking branch site. The Screamin’ Heat Stick is designed for when does are in heat, with an enhanced estrous formula. Best used together, the Screamin’ Heat Stick is made to rub scent around your stand location and the Rope-A-Dope can be affixed above your licking branch location or an existing scrape. Made from the ultimate forehead gland and preorbital scent, Rope-A-Dope is perfect for simulating rub activity. Both products are designed to withstand the harshest of temperatures, and the proof is in the process when it comes to Code Blue. Learn more about Code Blue’s perfect scent technology and industry-leading products at www.codebluescents.com , and pick up your own Rope-A-Dope starting at $19.99 and Screamin’ Heat Stick at $14.99. 

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