5 Gifts You Wish You Got

5 Gifts You Wish You Got

Gear | December 23, 2021

5 Gifts You Wish You Got

Christmas is almost behind us. Now you can buy something for yourself! 

By Matthew Carroll 

New tie. New belt. New mug. Nice enough gifts, but man, would’ve really been nice to get something you could use in camp, or even better, in the field. Come Christmas evening, if you’re left sitting pondering what could’ve been, then check out the list below and treat yourself while you still have the excuse to do so. 

 5. Portable Solar Powered Battery Bank

The portable solar-powered battery pack is nice if you’re out in the field and need a little extra juice for your phone or even laptop. And the best part? Right now you can get it for under $25 on Amazon. 

Buy it on Amazon here.

4. Portable Campfire Grill Stand

Whether you’re hunting, camping, or just in the backyard with the kids, this stand for under $30 is a great way to get in some old-fashioned, fire-roasted food this winter. Fire not included. 

Buy it on Amazon here

3. Legendary Whitetails Jacket

Want to show the world you’re an outdoorsman without actually having to say it out loud? Check out this jacket from Legendary Whitetails. Flannel lined and rough looking, this jacket will keep you looking your best when you can’t be out in the field. 

Buy it on Amazon here

2. TideweMultifunctional Rangefinder 


This low-cost rangefinder comes with a camo case, can measure up to 1,000 yards and is easy to use. With more than 2,000 positive reviews and 4.5 stars, this rangefinder is an easy cure for your post-Christmas envy and will help ensure you make more accurate shots in the field. 

Buy it on Amazon here.

1. Model 70 Extreme Weather 

The venerable Model 70 has been a favorite among big game hunters and Winchester fans for years. Now it is available a Model 70 Extreme Weather version. This bolt-action rifle with controlled-round feeding is bound to make any hunter feel like it’s Christmas morning all over again. But you can’t get this one on Amazon. Check your local gun dealer and for more info, click the link below. 

MSRP: $1,678, winchesterguns.com

Lead image courtesy of Cottonbro

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