CALIBER Earbuds offer Cutting-edge Tactical Sound Control technology

CALIBER Earbuds offer Cutting-edge Tactical Sound Control technology

Do you want hearing protection without having to sacrifice situational awareness? Introducing ISOtunes CALIBER Earbuds. The CALIBER Earbuds offer Tactical Sound Control technology perfect for listening to ambient sounds such as game movement or range commands while simultaneously protecting you from gunshot noise. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 for hands-free hearing protection, the wireless CALIBER earbuds make it so worrying about headphone cables becoming tangled on gear is a thing of the past. The IP67 rating safeguards against water or debris damage and the 13 hours of Bluetooth battery life will keep you protected all day, every day. ISOtunes Sport CALIBER earbuds come with a carry case that allows for an additional 25-hour charge, both foam and silicone ear tip options and a USB-C charging cable all for $199.99. Learn how ISOtunes CALIBER Earbuds offer high-quality hearing protection for hunters and shooters who don’t want to sacrifice performance at www.ISOtunesSport.com

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