Barnett Launches New King Rat Hunting Slingshots

Barnett Launches New King Rat Hunting Slingshots

Barnett is introducing a new line of King Rat Slingshots for hunters of any age. Inspired by Barnett founder David Barnett’s childhood, the King Rat Slingshot line is perfect for any early hunters, or for anyone looking to relive the excitement of young adventures. The line is available in many different models, including the Havoc, Havoc Hunter, Cobra, Black Widow, Black Widow Hunter, and Ambush designs. The full line is suitable for beginners practicing their aim, plinking, or taking on smaller animals like rodents.

Each slingshot in the King Rat line features a brushed leather center-shot pouch, textured grips, and sights. Each one is designed with an efficient, lightweight design easy for anyone to use. Each model includes either a standard slingshot band, magnum power band, or Double-X tapered band that is replaceable. Every model comes standard with Hotshot .38 steel pellets so that you’re ready to go the second you get your King Rat Slingshot.

The Barnett King Rat Slingshot line has something for everyone. It’s perfect for young beginners or nostalgic hunting veterans. Ranging from $12.99 to $25.99, you can order your model today at barnettcrossbows.com 

Photo courtesy of Barnett Crossbows.

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