ALPS OutdoorZ Introduces Wetland Seat for Waterfowl Hunters

ALPS OutdoorZ Introduces Wetland Seat for Waterfowl Hunters

Self-care became more popular during the pandemic, and that mindset extends to the outdoor community as well. There’s nothing wrong with adding gear to your repertoire that makes your hunt a little bit more comfortable. The ALPS OutdoorZ Mesh Wetland Seat is that self-care solution you’ve been looking for this water fowling season. No need to sit, crouch, or stand in sloppy field conditions this spring; the Wetland Seat features a center pole and three foldable arms supporting a TechMesh seat platform making it easy to carry, easy to set up, and easy to enjoy. The TechMesh fabric is ideally suited for wet conditions, allowing for quick water draining and faster drying times. The three folding ground arms prevent seas sinking, and the 360-degree swivel provides a full range view and motion with minimal body movement. The adjustable height spans from 24 to 34 inches for hunters of all size in fields of all water depths, and the aluminum tubing construction minimizes weight will resisting rust. Weighing only 5lbs and starting at $149.99, you can visit www.Alpsoutdoorz.com to learn more.

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